About Nicole

Are you kicking yourself because the store-bought cupcakes you picked up between meetings lack the kindergarten perfection that the stay-at-home mommies are doling out? Get over it, says the canny, hilarious Nicole W. Corning, a working mother who has just added another duty to her staggeringly full workload. She’s on a mission to inspire and empower working mothers everywhere to embrace the challenges of juggling the opposing demands of careers and motherhood. The Working Mommy’s Manual is Corning’s refreshing, frank, and frequently funny self-help guide.

Drawing from her own considerable experience navigating maternity leaves, unsupportive colleagues, marriage dynamics, and much more, this witty and wise take on managing hectic schedules and competing obligations tells it like it is, administering the medicine with a spoonful of healthy humor. Divided into fourteen topical chapters, The Working Mommy’s Manual will help anyone who feels they are stretched beyond capacity to find the balance in motherhood, marriage, and career.

Feeling guilty for not being the room mother of the century? Get over it, and even learn to rely on the wisdom of the stay-at-home moms. Think it’s okay to shirk your sex life? Get over it, and your marriage will grow in every imaginable way. Are you feeling like you just don’t measure up in the eyes of your mother-in-law? Get over that, too, and laugh your sorrows away with your girlfriends. From advice on mounting frustrations to the necessity of exercise, every chapter is brimming with insight that keeps it real while keeping it light.

Anyone who is a working mother, or considering being one, will find plenty to digest in this empowering self-help guide. And if you think you don’t have the time or energy to make significant, gratifying improvements in your hectic life, get over it. The Working Mommy’s Manual demonstrates that a more confident, happier you is within your reach!