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Making Time for Our Kids While There’s Still Time

I had to fill out one of those doctor’s questionnaires this week where they ask you all those ridiculous questions, like “how often are you stressed.”  My answer:  always.  I’m a working mom, I wake up stressed, I eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner then I drive it to football practice, feed it, check […] Read more…


Where’s Your Lipstick, B*tch?

As working mothers we do approximately one-thousand-fifty-two things right each and every day.  From the mundane tasks such as making sure everyone in the house who has teeth has actually brushed them before walking out the door in the morning (ourselves included) to the complicated and complex like closing the deal we’ve worked on for […] Read more…

sam football loss

Muhammad Ali’s Reminder for this Working Mom

It was a tough week in the Corning household.  My work week was absolutely brutal, I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning up dog vomit, summer finally came roaring in with 119 degree temperatures in Phoenix, my nine-year-old son lost the state flag football championship by one point after going undefeated all season – […] Read more…


Signs that Sexism is Alive and Well–And Slightly Hilarious

I’m not in any danger of anyone calling me a prude. I laugh at inappropriate jokes, I am wildly sarcastic, and I have such thick skin it takes me a really long time to realize someone actually doesn’t like me (hard to believe but yes, I am not everyone’s cup of tea).  I bartended my […] Read more…


Advice From My Fairy Godmothers: Get a Hobby

If there is an inappropriate conversation to be had I will have it.  I’m really good at it.  It’s one of my super powers.  This week’s inappropriate conversation took place at a celebration of life.  I can only take half credit for this inappropriate conversation as technically my fairy godmothers were already having the conversation and […] Read more…

Sam Mothers Day 2016

Never-Ending Mother’s Day (Please!)

That’s it?  I blinked and it was over.  The day when my children told me and made me gifts that extolled the awesomeness that is my motherhood is done?  Already?  Sigh.  I’ve got to say that I’m going to need more than a once a year acknowledgement of the herculean effort that is my life as […] Read more…

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