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What Running an Endurance Race Taught This Working Mom

We all have our bucket list items.  The things we are going to do some day or risk dying with regrets.  For those of you in your right minds your bucket lists likely include traveling to beautiful and amazing destinations like Paris or the Maldives.  Seeing natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon or the […] Read more…

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Why the Bunker is so Dangerous and Three Ways to Get Out of it

Fine.   I’m fine. I’m just fine. I’m so, so good, good, can’t complain, same old same old, as working moms most of us casually throw out these phrases more often than any other in our vocabulary.  We are living this crazy existence trying to be the best wife, mother, professional, and friend possible while there […] Read more…


The Magic and Power of Sisterhood

I just spent five days in Napa drinking copious amounts of wine with seven women I’ve known for twenty-eight years.  No one ended up in jail.  We didn’t get kicked out of anywhere.  None of us hooked up with random men.  Bunch of old boring bitches you might be thinking.  To that I say: we […] Read more…


Making Time for Our Kids While There’s Still Time

I had to fill out one of those doctor’s questionnaires this week where they ask you all those ridiculous questions, like “how often are you stressed.”  My answer:  always.  I’m a working mom, I wake up stressed, I eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner then I drive it to football practice, feed it, check […] Read more…

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Muhammad Ali’s Reminder for this Working Mom

It was a tough week in the Corning household.  My work week was absolutely brutal, I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning up dog vomit, summer finally came roaring in with 119 degree temperatures in Phoenix, my nine-year-old son lost the state flag football championship by one point after going undefeated all season – […] Read more…


Signs that Sexism is Alive and Well–And Slightly Hilarious

I’m not in any danger of anyone calling me a prude. I laugh at inappropriate jokes, I am wildly sarcastic, and I have such thick skin it takes me a really long time to realize someone actually doesn’t like me (hard to believe but yes, I am not everyone’s cup of tea).  I bartended my […] Read more…

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