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Working Mother Football Fatigue

have two sons, two rescue dogs and a husband.  I am the only living thing producing estrogen in my house.  Up until recently I had managed to keep the hormonal balance pretty even—or so I thought.  My illusion came crashing down around me two years ago when I showed my son a picture of a […] Read more…

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A Working Mom’s Request to Teachers This Holiday Season: Please Stop the School Project Insanity

In the year of a working mother I’d say December is the equivalent of competing in an Ironman triathlon.  Holiday cards, family photo shoots for the holiday cards which require hour of shopping for coordinating but not matchy-matchy outfits, decorating the house, holiday parties, cookie bakes, presents – for friends, for family, for kids, for […] Read more…


The Importance of Having Fun Times Away From Your Children: Why I Ran 200 Miles in Las Vegas

I ran a 200 miles relay race as part of a twelve person team this week. I slept a total of three hours in 36 hours – and I’m being generous here. Even this meager amount of sleep was possible only because one of my superpowers is that I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, under any […] Read more…

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The Two Things I will Never Tell My Children

As mothers we spend a lot of our time shielding our kids from the harsh realities of the world until they are ready to face them. School shootings, dead three-year-old Syrian refugees, teens who overdoes on heroine, missing commercial airliners – the list of frightening things that our children can be exposed to is overwhelming.  […] Read more…

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The Week I Thought I Had a Brain Tumor But Realized I’m Just Not Twenty Anymore

There is nothing like spending a week in a bikini to make you whole heartedly commit to a diet. However I also discovered the week after getting back from vacation is not the optimal time to give up caffeine, alcohol (dear seven pound eight ounce baby Jesus, help me), dairy, flour and sugar.  It’s also […] Read more…

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