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Making Time for Our Kids While There’s Still Time

I had to fill out one of those doctor’s questionnaires this week where they ask you all those ridiculous questions, like “how often are you stressed.”  My answer:  always.  I’m a working mom, I wake up stressed, I eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner then I drive it to football practice, feed it, check […] Read more…

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Top Three Criteria for Finding a Mommy Mentor

It seems like every time I read a book, article, or a blog discussing strategies for advancing as a professional woman nine times out of ten it will be suggested that we working women need to find mentors.  Sometimes they’ll be called by different names but these more senior professionals all serve the purpose of […] Read more…

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Sick Kids: When the Wheels Come off the Bus

Keeping the schedules of me, my husband, and our two sons straight is like having to complete a 1,000 piece jig saw puzzle.  While canoeing.  In the open ocean.  During a hurricane.  Just kidding it’s way harder than that. Every Sunday night (don’t judge, I do wait until the last minute) I pull up my […] Read more…

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Working Mother Football Fatigue

have two sons, two rescue dogs and a husband.  I am the only living thing producing estrogen in my house.  Up until recently I had managed to keep the hormonal balance pretty even—or so I thought.  My illusion came crashing down around me two years ago when I showed my son a picture of a […] Read more…

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Old School Parenting: Awesomely Twisted Advice from My Dad

My parents are my saviors when it comes to helping me with my children.  They pick them up twice a week from school, are always up for babysitting duty and school vacations – they have them covered.  I swear I’m not trying to suck up to them (okay maybe a little) but they are seriously […] Read more…

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A Working Mom’s Request to Teachers This Holiday Season: Please Stop the School Project Insanity

In the year of a working mother I’d say December is the equivalent of competing in an Ironman triathlon.  Holiday cards, family photo shoots for the holiday cards which require hour of shopping for coordinating but not matchy-matchy outfits, decorating the house, holiday parties, cookie bakes, presents – for friends, for family, for kids, for […] Read more…

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