Walk in my (Well-Worn, Slightly Tattered) Shoes

Pry Them From My Cold Dead Body

I hate shopping.  I hate it so much that even though I am a high functioning forty-three-year-old professional woman my mommy still buys my clothes for me.   It’s less painful to admit that than actually have to go shopping for myself.   Because I hate to shop so much, I also have a hard time parting with an article of clothing once it actually makes its way to my closet.  I still have my favorite pair of jeans from when I was fourteen years old.  Now I’m not saying they fit, but yes I still have them.  My hoarding ways extend to everything in my closet including my shoes.  This means I have two separate cobblers with whom I am on a first name basis (one by my office and one by my home –because I just never know where I will be when a seven-year-old pair of shoes finally break down). 

So I felt Chelsea Clinton’s pain when The Daily Mail chose to focus on the “damaged” heels when they interviewed her recently, calling them “frayed” and “shredded.”  First of all they were her favorite pair of nude pumps and anyone who has ever tried to replace a favorite pair of nude pumps—even if they are shopaholics—can attest to the fact that there are about a gazillion shades of nude and only one that is PERFECT.  My nude pumps have spent nearly as much time at the cobblers as they have in my closet.  I refuse to let them die.  Refuse.

But I digress.

The real issue is that a major news outlet had a chance to profile an intelligent working mother who has led an incredibly interesting life and because of that probably has a million stories, words of wisdom, and perspectives to share, but instead they wasted precious words and their reader’s time bashing her shoes.  I wasn’t aware the Daily Mail employed jerk faced middle schoolers as reporters.  Fascinating.  Luckily, Chelsea handled it like a boss.  Because let’s face it, her dad is Bill Clinton and growing up as his daughter certainly had to make “shoe-gate” seem like the joke it is.

To me a woman wearing shredded shoes is a woman who is real:  really working, really raising a family, really doing the hard work, really not spending her day worrying about being perfect.  In short she is really the woman I want to be.  Allure magazine nailed it when they tweeted that “The Reason Chelsea Clinton’s shoes are so damaged is because she’s busy getting shit done.”  Drop the mic.  And then walk away in your shredded nude pumps.

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